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    Netgear Wifi Ethernet Adapter AND Slingbox Legacy/Classic SB100

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      I believe I have followed all directions perfectly in setting up both my Netgear Adapter as well as my Sling Box.  My Netgear Adapter confirms at the end of the process that I am in fact connected to my wifi network.  However, my sling box's NETWORK light does not turn on at all when connected to the Netgear adapter via the ethernet cable.  I have tried powering the slingbox off and back on.  I also tried resetting it using the actual RESET button. 

      My NETGEAR Adatper shows the POWER light on as well as the WLAN light on.


      Any thoughts anybody?


      Netgear model is WNCE2001 and Slingbox model is SB100-100