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    Avertisements upon opening Slingbox


      Dear Slingbox  Lovers,

      I don't know about you, but I have loved my Slingbox all of these years. I jumped on board way back when this awesome equipment first came out. I have been loyal. I have purchased new Slingbox' through the years just as they stayed loyal to me. It has been an incredible journey.

      Now I am having my first bad experience with Slingbox. This is when I open it on my computer, every time now I have to impatiently wait for 30 seconds through a commercial so they can put more money in their pockets. I highly respect the concept, yet it is cutting into my patience. I have now seen the same CVS commercial 20 times in the last three days. I already am a loyal CVS customer so I don't need anymore brainwashing.

      I would highly suggest to Slingbox to find a better way to generate income as not to **** off us loyal customers. We are already "smnoddged with advertisements on the stations.

      Can you please find a more discrete way to get in my pocket? I would pay you $10 a month to not have to sit through these 30 second opening advertisements. I already had such high regards for you folks for never coming up with a monthly service charge. And I hate to admit it, but I find your pricing of the hardware rather cheap to begin with compared to the techknowledgey  that you are supplying.

      So please folks out there. Jump on my bandwagon and shake up corporate to change their minds on this one.

      Aloha, Paul