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    Endlessly installing Plugin


      Every time I use Google Chrome to view my Slingbox I am asked to install the plugin for Slingplayer.

      This does not happen with Firefox.

      Does anyone have a fix for this?

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          britt.sling Apprentice

          Hello Robert,

          If you are not seeing a yellow bar at the top of your page asking to " Enable the SlingPlayer within your browser settings" try these steps:



            1.  Launch Chrome

            2.  Type "chrome://flags" (without quotes) into the address bar

            3.  Scroll down and click "Enable" under "Enable NPAPI”.

            4.  Quit Chrome, and restart the computer.



          If you are seeing that nasty yellow bar try this:



          1. Open a new tab in Chrome

          2. Click Apps in the top left-hand corner of the page

          3. You should the SlingPlayer for Chrome, if it is grey Click to enable it



          Hope this was helpful!




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              Hi Brittany,


              I tried the first suggestion and I am still asked to install the Slingplayer extension every time I want to use Slingbox.


              This has now made it worse as during the setup the Slingplayer extension asks me to close all chrome pages to finish the download which I do and once the download is complete it reopens the Slingbox page in Chrome and after I log in I am asked to download the Slingplayer application again and this repeats itself so now I cannot use Chrome at all to view Slingbox.


              I have reinstalled Chrome and tried again but it is now an endless loop.


              I looked at the Slingplayer extension as you suggested and it is not grey and if I click on it the Slingbox page opens, I log in and I am asked to download the Slingplayer extension and as above this goes into an endless loop of downloading the Slingplayer extension every time I log in.