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    After restoring factory settings Sling Box 500 unresponsive

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      My SB 500 was working, but I wanted to move it to another TV and utilize the wireless function. I wasn't able to change the setup from ethernet to wireless and found the suggestion to restore factory settings. I restored the factory settings and set up wireless, and let it run the update to the current version. The update completes but freezes on the "completing update" screen. I let it sit for a couple of hours before unplugging it. This seems to be a common issue and the forum suggested unplugging. But now the unit is locked up or frozen. All lights are solid and the fan runs. The Slingbox logo remains on the TV screen. I've run the scenario multiple times on the old and new TV using both wireless and ethernet setup. Any ideas out there? I feel like the factory setting reset is a way to kill your Slingbox.