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    DTA170 Cisco Adapter   ??? What Do I Select???


      Two years ago I asked for an idea of what "remote" type I should select if I have a Time Warner DTA170HD box.


      I still can't find an answer.  I thought a Cisco 2000 worked but now it doesn't.


      I went through all the discussions on this site.  Nothing helps.


      Is this rocket science?


      And, why, if I try one of them and it doesn't work, do I sometimes go through that **** add and wait to skip it?


      And if I don't have to so the add, why do I have to go all the way back to "What is connected...." really??? did I re-cable because the remote that came up doesn't work?

      And, why if I click "back" because the remote doesn't work, I get the commertial all over again?


      Does this company care about its customers?