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    loyal customer for 9 years and now disappointed

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      I have owned a slingbox since 2006. i purchased 3 apps to watch on mobile (windows mobile, android, and android tablet) and now own 2 slingboxes (Slingbox AV and now the M1). its really disappointing that you guys have a great product and delivered newer technologies without the annoying ads before the Dish network buyout. Since owning a slingbox, i am now mobile to use my tv whereever i need it or dont have it, but a few years ago there was a message on my android that my slingbox AV isnt compatible with the android app and that i needed to purchase a new slingbox. Now, i own an M1 and it shows ads on the PC. Its really bothersome that i purchased a product and been loyal for 9 years only to see Dish network buy it out, force me to purchase another box then hit me with ads as a way to improve engineering costs.


      as far as i know... slingbox hasnt had a problem with engineering its product before the dish buyout, so why say this to the public?


      Note: I have 2 different sling accounts. i wasnt able to change the email off the slingbox account which is why it wont show a history if a rep decides to look into my account