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    Slingbox on Browser but wont go to Chromecast

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      I have seen multiple posts about devices and Chromecast. I have searched and been unable to find any posts in regards to web based watching and able to use with chromecast. I usually watching my Slingbox via slingbox.com and can watch great in Chrome, Safari, etc. I am curious why I am unable to "Cast" the website to my screen? I went through the comparables and believe everything I read was only for mobile devices.

      Any help would be great. I have a Imac and MacBook Pro. Looking to simply cast from webpage to Chromecast.


      Thank you

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          Samantha.Sling Apprentice

          Hello Mark!


          The reason that you are not finding much information on this is because this is not a supported method of streaming. I have seen, on rare occasion, this work, but I am not sure how. I would reach out to Google Chrome support and see if maybe they have a work around or method that may work for you if you want to be able to stream like this.



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              I hope there is a legal or contractual reason for this, because if it is Sling's decision, it might be the stupidest thing I have seen. And I have seen someone try to circumcise their self...


              But seriously, this is offensive, because I paid for all your equipment and apps, and while I love the product, I cannot use my laptop to throw the signal to my TV??? This mentality is the opposite of why you guys actually had success, and were able to be bought out.


              Do better.