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    Mac M1 Update Problem

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      I have had an M1 sling box since September and have never had a problem. Yesterday, this mandatory 5.0.92 update pops up from my sling player app on my computer and I download it. Now, my sling box doesn't work - all it says is  "building buffer." After an online chat with customer service, I was informed that the requirement for the update is a 2.8ghz processor - I have a 2012 MacBook Pro Retina Display that is 2.7ghz. I never received anything from sling box informing me of this new requirement - which is not even listed on their specifications for an M1 sling box. Does anyone know if I can download the past version of sling box that formerly worked with my computer? Or any other advice so that my $150 sling box which I bought less than a year ago is not rendered obsolete?


      Thank you!