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    lollipop 5.0.0 Samsung Note 3 slingplayer app doesn't work since update from kitkat 4.4.4

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      I have a Singbox M1. My tablet & pc work fine. Thing is i don't use those ways to connect. just my smartphone. Though since this lolipop android update the slingplayer app just doesn't work at all. Over lte or wifi. It used to work perfectly on the 4.4.4 kitkat android platform my phone was purchased with. I uninstalled, restarted & force closed the app & smartphone with no avail. I believe i'm not the only user with this issue. Please help. I paid $150.00 for my M1 & i can't use it. Thanks!tempFileForShare_2015-04-22-19-44-29.jpgtempFileForShare_2015-04-22-19-41-42.jpg