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    Fire TV Stick - Slingplayer bugs

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      I just purchased a Fire TV stick to use on my kitchen TV. It's replacing a WDTV Live that also has a Slingplayer on it. I thought that the Fire TV might be easier to use or better, but there are some bugs...


      First, If I'm watching live TV via the Slingplayer and my Fire TV Stick, it works fine. When I want to end the session I press "exit" on my TV's remote. That prompts the Slingplayer to say that it's "Stopping". However it hangs up there forever. I can still press the home button (on the Fire TV remote) and use the other features, but if I go to the Slingplayer App, it'll still say "Stopping". I can connect to my Slingbox with my iPhone or iPad just fine while this is happening, suggesting that all is good with the Slingbox itself. The problem appears to be within the Slingplayer App for Fire TV. I go through all of this because I want to stop the Slingbox from streaming when I'm done using it.


      I can also just turn the TV off. What happens when I turn it back on is that Slingplayer is still streaming (it never shuts off) and I can hear live audio, but the picture is frozen.


      I though the WDTV Live was bad, but the Fire TV App is worse. Any tips, hints, or suggestions? When can I expect a Slingplayer for Fire TV App update? Thanks.