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    Chrome Extension is an utter failure!!!


      As the title states, the new extension has left a lot to be desired. 

      1.  Instant pop out player, and there is not an option to not have this happen. 

      2.  Ad's, really???  We all pay for cable/FIOS/Satellite etc etc.  We don't need Ad's which can not be closed, they are not placed properly (blocks off the upper 1/4 of the view able screen), and the worst part...THEY ARE NOT EVEN IN ENGLISH.

      3.  There is NO WAY TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL....really, I mean come on.  I have no remote access anymore (pop up remote) I have NO GUIDE option, I type into the channel box and hit enter, my guide comes up on the screen with NO WAY FOR ME TO SELECT THE CHANNEL.

      FIX your problems, it is not hardware, so don't try to charge us that have purchased your product to provide us unwanted nor needed customer service...it is your extension and the coders of the extension that have botched this.

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          I completely agree. This desktop solution being forced through a web client is unnecessary.  I don't want ads AT ALL!  I don't care what language they are in.  And I can't close them. I can only vote that they are inappropriate which I'll be doing for every god damned one!

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            Second that. I had no problem with the previous version.  Why would they want to go backwards?

            PS - how would one communicate with Slingbox? Is there anyone home to talk to about this?

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              OK ALL...I HAVE FIGURED IT ALL OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


              It isn't that bad, Viewing is the same as it always was...only thing that sucks right now is INSTANT POP OUT PLAYER with no way to change that.


              So if you would like to know how to fix the SLINGPLAYER it is quite simple. 


              Mathew....your screen shot is SPOT on with the problems....


              Here is the solution...Click Watch.....Sling player creates pop out....and it displays like your screen shot.


              WELL, DECREASE the size of the POP OUT PAGE...you know how if you take your mouse pointer and click on either the right or left side of a window/page...you can increase or decrease the size of the window....well do that. 


              Decrease the size of the windown very slowly and pretty soon...that black box and off placed channel guide will disappear and it will appear as a REGULAR WINDOW...from there you can see the remote/guide at the top of the page like old version, you will have a new guide of channels that are clickable on the left margin, you will be able to increase for full screen etc etc etc you can now see QUALITY, Connection, ASPECT etc etc like old....


              actually it isnt half bad...the only problem is they rushed this and the extension is off on formatting...and you have to RESIZE the window (pop out player) EVERY TIME your open slingplayer.


              if you have further questions then just ask away



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                Wanted to bump because it is a fix.....it really isnt that hard to do or that bad of a solution.