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    Slingplayer for chrome. WHY?


      The new download/plug-in for chrome SUCKS. the video feed is choppy and its not my internet service from work or home.

      Slingbox messed up big time with this new download/plug-in, i even tried viewing it on internet explorer and its the same thing. when i called customer support i was told i had to pay to troubleshoot my problem. its not a hardware issue, it's a software/server issue on slingbox's side. why should i have to pay for it when it has nothing to do with me or my physical slingbox. i am extremely disappointed in the customer service i was provided.

      am i the only one experiencing this problem? my fellow slingboxers we need to unite to get this problem fixed. i'm not gonna get into the ads i now have to watch! smh!

      thanks from a very frustrated slingboxer.

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          I am experiencing the same exact issue.  There is no issue on either home (slingbox) network or away network.  Bandwidth capacity is excellent and I am getting 100-1000 Kbps...terrible! This problem started with the Slingplayer for Chrome "update" and as Victor stated above, I tried IE but have the same results.  Please post if you are experiencing this issue!

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              I also have the same issues.  Slingbox will not run on a browser on my laptop.  It will work fine on iPad on the same network. On Twitter I was told to call customer support.  It is very frustrating, and it is affecting enough users that Sling should acknowledge and try to address the problem.

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              I'm having the same problem and it's only begun recently.  Up till now, I could click on the icon and the system would open up immediately.  Now I have to download Slingbox for Google Chrome and before the process completes I get and error message (0x80070643) on my laptop.  On my desktop I get a continuous "Checking Extensions" message that never concludes.  What changed?

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                Same problem here.  Worked great before the new update.  Firefox, IE and Chrome all seem to hardly work or not work at all. My internet speeds are excellent.  Please fix this software bug immediately.