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    V1.16 Slingplayer for Chrome doesn't work properly ... workaround attached

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      I am running Google Chrome version 42 on fully patched Windows 8.1 systems (two).  I have a Slingbox Solo which I last used a couple of weeks ago and all was well. Today, when I went to Slingbox.com and selected "Watch", I was forced to download and run a program called "SlingplayerForChrome" which installs a Chrome extension called Slingplayer for Chrome extension (version 1.16).  Now when I got to Slingbox.com and select "Watch", I see Slingbox attempting to connect to my Solo followed shortly by the message "There was an error connecting to the box" and offering a "Refresh" button.  Selecting "Refresh" does the same thing all over again.  If I close that tab, I see the main Slingbox window with two offerings: #1 "Click here to play video in main window" and #2 "Click here to restart video in pop up player".  Selecting #2 leads to the same error loop described above. Selecting #1 displays a message "Connecting to XXX Slingbox" which stays on the screen forever. Selecting the "Cancel" button offered on the page brings up a message "START WATCHING YOUR TV ANYWHERE!" and offers a "WATCH"  button.  Selecting the "WATCH" button launches the Slingplayer window successfully. When forced to download and install the Slingplayer add-on in IE, I did so and everything worked perfectly from the get go.  What is wrong with the Chrome Slingplayer?