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    Can't Install Slingbox for Chrome Plug-In


      My Slingbox has been working fine, now all of a sudden when I go to "Watch" it says I need to download the Slingbox for Chrome plug-in. When I try to do this, however, a message keeps popping up saying I need to exit chrome -- even when chrome isn't open. I press "ok" and it keeps popping up and even when I ctrl + alt + delete and end the installation, it still continues to pop up nonstop and I have to restart my computer to make it go away. I finally got it to finish installing, but I still can't watch Slingbox and if I go to the plug-in installer and press "repair" or "Uninstall," the exit chrome pop-up starts up again. So basically my Slingbox is useless right now and I'm so frustrated with it I want to throw it out a window. What do I do?

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          britt.sling Apprentice

          Hello Todd,


          If you are not seeing a yellow bar at the top of your page asking to " Enable the SlingPlayer within your browser settings" try these steps:


            1.  Launch Chrome

            2.  Type "chrome://flags" (without quotes) into the address bar

            3.  Scroll down and click "Enable" under "Enable NPAPI”.

            4.  Quit Chrome, and restart the computer.


          If you are seeing that nasty yellow bar try this:


          1. Open a new tab in Chrome

          2. Click Apps in the top left-hand corner of the page

          3. You should the SlingPlayer for Chrome, if it is grey Click to enable it


          Hope this was helpful!