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    problems with quality and lags in broadcast



      some facts:

      1. I got a new sling M1 connected to a Thomson cable box in Israel. That cable box is a relativley old model and

      it connects with a cable of 21 pin  to the cable box and a yellow,red,white from the other end which connects to the sling box.

      2. When I set up the sling in my laptop it required a country but Israel was not an option so I chose  some other random country. secondly, it required

      cable box model but it didn't have my specific model so again I chose some random Thomson model.

      When I watch sling player on my PC, the broadcast tends to lag or display low quality(even the finest quality broadcasted is lower than the original back home) broadcast despite the fact my bandwith speed is 15mega and is working fine(I test it on speedtest websites)

      My questions:

      1. How can I solve it and is any of the above could be a cause or a problem?

      2.If I ugrade my cable box to a new one with HD broadcast(green,blue,red cable)would it be better or worse?

      3. What is the affect of wrong setting of cable box model and country?what do I do if my setting options are not available?