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    Cannot find the remote files directory on Mac using Slingplayer Plugin for Safari




      I am looking to find the Mac directory containing the ".SPR" and ".JSON" remote control files used by the Slingplayer Plugin for Safari.

      I would like to replace them with my own files, which fixes the glitches overlooked in the original remote.


      On a Windows machine they are easily found in the "C:\"User"\AppData\LocalLow\Sling Media\WebSlingPlayer\Remote" directory.


      However, I've read that on a Mac they are expected to be found in the "Library\Application Support\SlingMedia\Remotes" directory.

      On my system, there is no "SlingMedia" folder created in the Application Support folder.

      There was also mention of a second potential folder: "Library\Internet Plugins\Slingplayer.plugin\Contents\Resources\"

      However, there are no remote folders/files found in that folder either.


      I'm not sure if anyone could help me track these files down on a Mac. As expected, phone support did not yield any support. I've also tried the Slingplayer Desktop for Mac with no success as well (nothing in it's application contents folder).