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    Slingplayer ain't connecting but all the lights are on (power, network)

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      My dad is in Hong Kong and was watching on the slingplayer, when it stopped suddenly and couldn't work anymore.


      I'm at home, everytime he get a problem, I fixe it from home but now nothing seem to work. I've tried the reset button, to power off and power on again, reset to factory, reconfigured everything.


      When I go online everything work fine but when I try to connect to the slingplayer, I get an error message that it can't connect and to check that my network light is on (which it is) and that all my cables are plugged properly (it is as well). I also try my internet connection but obviously it works fine since I'm online writing to you.


      I need help but i wasn't able to find any answers on the community or support. My waranty is over too, so calling to the technical support is out of question; don't want to receive a bill.



      Can anyone help me?



      Thank you


        • Re: Slingplayer ain't connecting but all the lights are on (power, network)

          Funny...or not so funny at all actually....


          Experience the same troubles. I'm in the US, the Slingplayer is in The Netherlands. Everything worked fine and suddenly it stopped working. The video signal is not recognized. I've switched it on and off several times and used the remote-control too. No sign of life....


          The bandwith is reported to be okay, the bitrate fluctuates between 400 and 600. Never checked that back home because it always worked fine. The videosignal is unfortunately not recognised.