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    New chrome google extension - at least make it work

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      Hurray, you guys were in such a rush to include ads, you didn't bother to test whether things worked.  Great freaking job.  I couldn't use my slingbox tonight because the ads loaded improperly and blocked my basic controls.  I was unable to use my slingbox's basic functionality.


      Yeah, generic apology, who cares - MORE ADS INCOMING

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          speedy22 Newbie

          I've owned a sling product for over seven years and this is just a sad state of affairs.


          Want to know how bad it is? Brand new laptop with fresh 8.1 OS on it. got the chrome extension for sling and it tried to walk me through setup for one of my slingboxes. they all worked before this new extension..........


          Lucky on my old win7 PC, I have not updated my desktop still using these versions.(below)  It works fine for now.

          Slingplayer Desktop Version


          Web App Version



          Player Plugin Version



          Wi-Fi Plugin Version