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    Slingbox 500 Chrome Update Not Working With Vista

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      I've read another discussion where a rep from Slingbox told a customer you must have Windows 7 or higher to use the Chrome plugin. Not happy about that but okay. The rep listed 2 options for Vista users, downloading a slingbox player for older versions or using an embedded version. Well, I've tried both and neither works. It says "Network Error", "Error 0", "The device is not supported... Please click here"... I click there and the page doesn't even exist!!! Are you kidding me? I put up with the ads and all of the other **** but now I can't even view my own cable from a device that worked just yesterday?! This FORCED update screwed everything up so now what? My slingbox is in the same condition it was less than 24 hours ago. What do I do to use the product I paid for?