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    Anyone having problems watching Xfinity recorded DVR shows?

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      I have no problems viewing live TV shows while away from home on my Slingbox 500.  However when I try to watch shows recorded on my DVR ,my screen goes black and my bitrate drops from 1880 to 120 and doesn't recover.  I am using component cables as my main source; I also have a HDMI cable connected but as the secondary source.  I went through the setup process again but without any results.  My service provider is Xfinity in FL.  This is a fairly recent problem because I had no issues last week watching shows from my DVR.  Was there an update that may have affected my service?  Any suggestions?


      Update: Today 19 April:  Now I am not getting any video or audio.  It shows that I'm connected with a bitrate of 1800.  I'm viewing from the sling media web page with Plugin version and watch version  Any assistance would be appreciated.


      Update 26 April:  I had someone unplug the Xfinity DVR so it would reset and everything began working again.

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