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    No more remote!

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      Can't even add a reply to my other discussion, so their site doesn;t work right either.


      It also appears, I no longer have access to my DirecTV remote, so I cannot access my DVR.  Unbelievable Sling.  You take a great product and make it absolute ****.  You should be ashamed.

      Let's recap the wonderful update from Sling...

      No sling access via internet browser without downloading a player - which I can't do at work, but was able to watch until today.

      No fullscreen option, and garbled ads block part of the now small screen in the middle when I access on my laptop.

      Garbled ads all over the screen.

      No original remote, so can't access features like DVR, channel guide etc.


      Until today, this would've been a full 17" widscreen picture of the game...now it is forced into this tiny box about 10" with garbled ads and boxes blocking part of the screen.