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    Update completely Screws us...

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      Is Sling kidding us with this ****?! 


      Until today I was able to watch my sling in wonderful full screen glory both at work and on the road.  Work was tricky because I can't make changes to the computer, and Sling doesn't support the 64 bit IE browser we have...but I was able to get it to work on Chrome.  Now, with the new update, I have to download a player, which of course I cannot do at work, so Sling is completely useless for me there...the most important place for me to have it.  But even on the road, I pull out my laptop, install this new junk program, and this is what I get.  A small box in the middle of the screen, with tons of jumbled ads and info all over the place, and another black box of a jumbled ad blocking part of the screen.  This is NOT what I bought when I bought Sling.  This is unwatchable.  How is there no full screen option?  How is the old embedded online player now gone?! 


      More importantly, what kind of alternatives to SLing are out there, because this should just about finish off Sling as a viable option for most of us.