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    Ads forced on loyal clients. Does Slingmedia care ?

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      Up until now, I have been the proud owner of a Slingbox Pro-HD. It's a great, solid product that offers something that everyone can stand behind; free remote viewing of TV. People already pay a lot for cable and dish subscriptions, this product makes sense and I've always sung praises to Slingmedia and highly recommended the Slingbox product. That is, until now.


      I paid hundreds of dollars to watch ad-free television. That's why I paid the hefty price, it was worth it.  Had there been ads, I'm fairly sure I would not have bought it. If I could go out today and trade my Slingbox for a product that does not have ads, I would.


      I'm not sure if the people at Sling realize that NONE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS WANT THIS. If they care at all for their customers it should matter. Even the lowest of companies does not force their customers to do something they don't want. Furthermore, I feel it's dishonest to sell a product with certain features (no ads), then remove that feature (ads) once the customer has purchased the product, and has invested time setting it up. Bait and switch.


      The ability to have no ads should at least be grandfathered to those that purchased an add-free Slingbox.At the very least.  I've been a loyal customer, I've paid the price for the remote mobile clients, I've recommended the product. I was a customer for life. Sling was a beacon of top notch quality and avant garde thinking. Not anymore, forcing me to watch ads is exactly what bottom feeding spammers do with spyware, they lurk in dark corners and try to riddle my computer screen with ads. NO ONE WANTS THAT.


      If Slingbox wants loyal customers, then they should be loyal to us, caring for what customers want, holding themselves to a higher standard.


      Your move Slingmedia.