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    Chrome player update windows vista


      Hello, i got an update for my Chrome slingbox player and after downloading it i couldn't install it because it requies windows 7 or higher and i only have windows vista, and ideas on what to do?



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          JohnKeller Newbie

          Hello Inger,


          Unfortunately, because you are on a Windows Vista PC, the latest update for the SlingPlayer on Chrome will not be able to be installed.  This is expected behavior, as Slingbox software is only regularly supported on the current version of either Windows or Mac operating systems, as well as the previous OS version.


          That being said, it doesn't mean you are out of options.  As long as you are not using the M1 Slingbox, here are a couple steps you could take...


          Beyond those options, or if you are using an M1, your best bet would be to update your operating system to one that meets our minimum system requirements.


          Hope this was helpful!



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            the embedded slingplayer option isn't working either

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                Exactly - Running Windows 7, tried in Chrome and Explorer.  Tailgating at Buffet today and want to watch the Lightning game.  Thank Slingbox - way to update on a Friday and give no support through the wknd.  I can get all the way to the pop out remote control and see my TV off, but can't even power it on - all I see is that stupid Verizon screensaver that says that my cable box is turned off.