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      My slingbox shut down on its own and then asked me for an "adm password". Since I HAVE NEVER USED an ADM. PASS I went to the website and read that if I didnt have a pasword I should reset the slingbox. NO WHERE DID THE WEBSITE WARN ME I WOULD NEED WINDOWS 7 TO BE ABLE TO RESET THE BOX so now that I have hit the reset button and do not have Windows 7 (have vista)  I am left without a working slingbox and a useless metal box!. Called Customer support only to be told that the ADM message I got "really isn't an adm message..it's an error" and that "there is nothing you can to do reset the slingbox without purchasing Windows 7!


      Totally uncooperative, rude, customer support agent.


      WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND SLINGBOX to anyone and will now use other methods to watch tv on ipad (in addition will post all sorts of warnings and bad feedback via FACEBOOK and social media when I get a minute to warn others!).


      Shame on you slingbox. USERS..BEWARE! Dont get caught like I did!