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      My slingbox shut down on its own and then asked me for an "adm password". Since I HAVE NEVER USED an ADM. PASS I went to the website and read that if I didnt have a pasword I should reset the slingbox. NO WHERE DID THE WEBSITE WARN ME I WOULD NEED WINDOWS 7 TO BE ABLE TO RESET THE BOX so now that I have hit the reset button and do not have Windows 7 (have vista)  I am left without a working slingbox and a useless metal box!. Called Customer support only to be told that the ADM message I got "really isn't an adm message..it's an error" and that "there is nothing you can to do reset the slingbox without purchasing Windows 7!


      Totally uncooperative, rude, customer support agent.


      WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND SLINGBOX to anyone and will now use other methods to watch tv on ipad (in addition will post all sorts of warnings and bad feedback via FACEBOOK and social media when I get a minute to warn others!).


      Shame on you slingbox. USERS..BEWARE! Dont get caught like I did!

          alanrichey42 Master

          I have never had a problem setting up my Slingboxes using Windows Vista so not sure what is going on,


          I think you misunderstood what the support line meant.  They don't 'support' Vista anymore (and neither do Microsoft) but that doesn't mean it doesn't work. so you can still carry on.


          Now, you don't mention what Slingbox you are using but if it isn't a new one (500/350/M1) then contrary to what you said, you did set up an admin password the very first time you set up the Slingbox.  But if that was a few years ago then I am not surprised you have forgotten you did it.


          So rather than vent on here, which accomplishes nothing, particularly as you are wrong , why don't you ignore the support line and just do a factory reset and then setup your Slingbox ?   If you have any further problems a 'polite' request for help will always get an answer.

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              Thanks for your reply but you are uninformed.


              I DID reset my sling box, I DID call to

              politely ask for help, and they DID tell me there was nothing they could do to help me without charging me $29.99!


              And ps..they DID tell me I can't reset my password without upgrading my computer to Windows7.0.


              So while I appreciate your response, it is not correct.


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                alanrichey42 Master

                Fair enough.   If you want to believe a support person who has probably been in the job for a few weeks over someone who has been helping people on this forum ever since it started a few years ago then that's your decision.  All I can do is offer to help, can't force you to take it.

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                britt.sling Apprentice

                Hello Lisa,


                I am providing you with a link to the SlingPlayer for Windows 2.0, it is supported to work with Windows Vista, and will help you reset your password and setup your Slingbox. Just click the link below, then select the download option:



                Best regards,