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    Poor video quality on iPad after latest iOS 8.3 update!!

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      I've noticed a markedly inferior video quality on my iPad Slingplayer since upgrading to the latest iOS version (8.3 12F69) some two days ago. The picture is sometimes unwatchable whether I'm air playing the video via Apple TV to the large screen TV or watching on the iPad itself. Most times my iPad has direct line of sight to the router (Airport Extreme) and Apple TV box. I've checked to make sure my ISP didn't suddenly downgrade my broadband speeds. Where I live in South Korea the broadband connection is approx. 100 Mbps download/upload, and even on a bad day it's upwards of 80 Mbps each way. On the other end, the Slingbox is hooked up to a Verizon FiOS broadband line through a dedicated FiOS DVR. Has anyone noticed similar issues? Since the picture quality was superb until recently, I'm wondering whether it's an iOS/Slingplayer app issue.