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    Full Screen on External Monitor Issues

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      I am running a Slingbox 350 and using Chrome OR firefox (the issue persists with both).


      I am hooking it up to an LG HDTV via HDMI cable using a Macbook Pro with OS X Yosemite.


      For Chrome, in the external webplayer, I try to click full screen to make it full screen on the TV (external monitor). However, once I do so, for some reason the player reverts back onto my computer and the full screen shows up there. When that's occurring, just a black screen within the web player shows up on the TV itself.


      For Firefox, in the regular online player, I try to click full screen to make it full screen on the TV (external monitor). Once I do that, the TV screen does correctly go into full screen mode (unlike Chrome). However, it also changes what shows up on my computer screen and I have no clue why. My computer then just shows an all black screen while the TV is showing the slingbox in full screen.

      Both my browsers are up to date.


      I really just want the TV to be full screen and be able to use my mac while that's occurring. It works perfectly fine on my Samsung Smart TV in the other room, just not on the LG TV and I don't know why. It definitely has nothing to do with the LG TV though because it used to work on it before the sling player updated.


      Any help would be appreciated. I couldn't find any on the web.