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    Slingbox and Roku without phone app


      I am with a organization and we have decided to use Slingbox to stream channels to our TV's in kitchen area for our workers. We were using Western Digital, but the hardware was not sufficient, so we moved to Roku. It SPECIFICALLY states on Slingbox's website that "Yes, you can now use other apps on your phone or tablet, or even turn your device off! And you no longer have to start streaming on your mobile device before you hand off to your Roku - you can hand off your video stream to SlingPlayer for Roku without starting a stream on your phone or tablet!" But every rep or tech worker has denied this. We do not want to buy the $15 app and then use a phone as a middle man, their has got to be a way to connect the Roku straight to the Slingbox. Any advice or input would be appreciated. Also the section I mentioned before can be found here Slingbox.com. Thanks!

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          I see that you are having issues with using the Roku streaming player. Below I will provide an link to our Roku streaming player FAQ that may help to alleviate some questions you may have. Also if you are looking for a solution that does not require that you use an mobile device as an handoff I would recommend the Slingplayer for Amazon Fire that was recently released. I have provided an link to the information regarding this platform.


          Slingbox.com - Frequently asked questions about SlingPlayer for Roku


          Slingplayer for Fire TV is now available!



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            Hey jonmaz,


            To stream to the Roku you will only need to open the phone, and in the upper left hand corner should be an option to change the stream over to the Roku. Choose the Roku from this list, then hit connect. It will begin streaming on the Roku once you hit the connect button. I just tested this in the lab, and I was able to keep a video stream on the Roku after turning the phone off. The stream is completely handed over to the Roku.


            If you do not wish to use a mobile device, you could look into getting an Amazon Fire TV. This comes with a built in SlingPlayer application just as the Western Digital device does. Below is our link for the SlingPlayer on Amazon Fire TV FAQ, this should answer any further questions:



            Hope this helps!