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    What's up with Update ?


      Update came out the other day for android, and slingbox doesn't work any more. Lot's of complaints coming in on the google play app for slingbox. Everyone is having the same problem. I did everything possible to try to make it work again. Someone needs to fix the update before more people get mad about it.

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          anthony.sling Apprentice

          Hey Terry,


          Thanks for the feedback. We are currently aware of the issue, and we are looking into a resolution. I would recommend uninstalling the application from your phone, and reinstall it. If that does not help, try turning your phone off then back on. If the issue persists, try manually switching the quality over to SQ.


          Let me know if that works!


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              Hey Anthony,


                 Yes I already tried the uninstall and restart and all that. I actually did that a few times, but I have given up. Slingbox works on everything else that I have but just not the Samsung Note 4 Edge. I used to work fine.