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    Slingbox 500, HDMI and HDCP bypass

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      I have a DirecTV box with HDMI and RCA outs and a Slingbox 500. Due to the HDCP copy protection, I need to convert the HDMI to Component. I don't want to use the RCA cables.


      Currently, I have the HDMI going out of the DirecTV box into the Slingbox and then to the TV. I would like to run HDMI out of the DirecTV box into a converter, then Component cables running from the converter to the Singbox.


      Can anyone recommend a converter that will work for this? Slingbox has a recommendation from Gang Hu USA Inc.  Slingbox.com - Using an HDMI video source with the Slingbox 500


      I'm not comfortable purchasing this unit as the page where you input the credit card info isn't encrypted. Can anyone recommend a similar unit from Amazon or other known retailer preferably in the $40 range?