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    Slingbox 500 & ChannelMaster+ 7500

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      We are in the process of cancelling our DISH service and going over to digital antenna and web based viewing.  After much research, we settled on Channel Master + 7500 and the Slingbox as they were advertised to work together.  We have Roku devices attached to other household TV sets.  The objective is to have the Channel Master + set up on the main TV in the living room to record our programmes and Slingbox added to be able to transmit/sling these recordings to the other TVs in the house via the Roku devices. At this time we are not as much interested in watching from our portable devices in other locales.  Channel 9/PBS (and it’s subchannels) is the one from which we record the most shows.

      I installed the Channel Master on to a digital TV that already has an antenna to test everything prior to removing the DISH service.  I found that it works and records well on to the external Seagate hard drive.

      My testing was put on hold during construction projects at our house and today I started to install and test the Slingbox.   I set it up but soon found out that it could be setup with HDMI only as the Channel Master + does not have component ports. I was hoping that this would not be an issue.  As it turns out, presuming I have done everything correctly, PBS stations are not transmitted via the antenna to the Channel Master+ then to the TV.  In other words the screen is black even though in the Slingbox menu that allows me to select a Favourite channel it does show the main Channel 9, though not its subchannels.

      How do I make this work without component ports on the Channel Master+ ?  If this cannot work then Channel Master + and Slingbox are really not 100% compatible and this should be stressed for those looking to “cut the cord”.  Cutting the cord is how I found out about both Channel Master + and Slingbox and their alleged compatibility.

      My current configuration is

      Antenna-Channel Master +- Slingbox 500 (via HDMI) – Flat screen tv (via HDMI).

      The Channel Master+, Slingbox and the TV are all wirelessly connected to the internet.  I am in the process of having Cat6 wired throughout the house to all areas in which a TV is located.

      As a note, I have a beginners understanding of all of this so it would be helpful if any replies would use simplified terminology.   As I do not know which company could help solve this problem, I am sending this request to both.


      Thank you very much for your assistance.