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    Broken/Bug in Slingbox Player for M1


      Dear Slingbox,

      I am writing this because I downloaded your latest 2 updates and they must be broken!  On your web site, you clearly show screenshots of your software functioning normal.  This is how my system used to work.  But somehow, now, the system is broken and riddled with ads!  I know this must be a bug because you don't show these ads on your screenshots, so clearly they aren't supposed to be there.  I mean, otherwise, this would be a terrible case of bait and switch or false advertising.  Since, you would NEVER do this, I can only assume these are BUGS.  Can you please send me a bug-free version immediately?


      Many thanks

      David Wachs, PAYING CUSTOMER  (not a user of free software that must be subsidized with ads)