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    Firefox Plugin Stops Working in Full Screen Mode


      I installed the updated Firefox plugin. It is slower than the older one. Once I login and bring the player up, I put it in full screen mode. I change the channel and then I get a message that the Sling Player addin has stopped working. I ignore it but it continues to pop up. Then a short time after that the plugin crashes. It has crashed every time I put it in full screen mode. I had no problems with the older plug in. This seems like a bug to me. After the crashes, I uninstalled the plug in thinking that it may have been damaged. I re-installed the plugin and got the same results. It crashes when the TV is at full screen. Is there anything that can be done to correct this problem? In normal screen mode, it appears to be fine. I would have thought this would have been tested better in full screen mode. i did see that there was another sling player url mentioned here in the forums. I tried it and it worked fine. I just don't understand why the plugin changed when it worked fine in full screen mode.