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    Slingplayer app for ipad can't connect to Slingbox

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      I am really starting to lose my patience with Slingbox.  I just purchased this Easter Sunday and have had nothing but troubles since.  I have the 500 model set up at my house and my Aunt is accessing this on her ipad from her nursing home so she can continue to watch St. Louis Cardinals baseball games.  We have already had to do several hard restarts on the box and now the latest issue is that after logging into the Slingplayer app for ipad she gets a message saying she is unable to connect to the Slingbox.  She has deleted and re-installed the app several times now with no luck.  I have verified that we are both connected to the internet.  I saw another thread from almost a year ago with many complaints logged about ipad airs having great difficulty in connecting and some even saying they had to use the iphone app.  Can someone please help me out here...I'm really getting frustrated and I think its a joke after spending all the money on the box we had to fork over another $15 for the ap