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    Setting up 'Internet Viewing' goes round and round


      my old (2012) Pro-HD worked fine for years, then dropped off the planet; I performed a reset to get it to come up on DHCP (I had it on a static IP) and my router issued a good IP/lease, and in re-going through the setup I changed the IP address to the one issued to it (and the audio/video is playing on the PC through the slingplayer).


      The router address, subnet mask, new issued IP address (I had my router put it over to the static IP list) as well as making sure that port 5001 is loaded into the port forwarding list; that setting was still there with the 'old' static IP, so all I had to do is change the IP and save it off.


      I hit the 'test' and it goes round and round back to the 'setup is almost complete' screen/page and wants one to go back again to the setup page.  ???


      I tried putting in the 'old' static IP address, changed the router settings around, and it seemed to 'take' on the Slingbox.  But round and round and round again on the internet setup, keeps coming back to the 'almost complete' page/screen.


      I'd like to get some confirmation from Sling that it's 'hosed' before whipping out Mr. Plastic and getting a new set, but the 'support' off the main website just sits there and never connects.


      Any other ideas before I spend yet another $$$, as this will be my second major failure (actually third as one bit the dust under warrenty, and it's replacement is what I have now that isn't quite working.