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    Slingbox Disconnects Within 2 to 5 Minutes While Chromecasting


      When I am Chromcasting with my M1  the connection only lasts for 2 to 5 minutes.

      I get a message that states that my connection has failed. I have to restart and restart

      over and over.  No other apps do this.  I have a great internet connection.  My laptop runs

      at 4500 KPS  my phone around 700KBS 


      Your Chromcast software has a problem

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          evan.sling Novice

          Hello odysseygolfer!


          Barring any potential issues with the Chromecast itself, I suspect your Slingbox may not be streaming in TCP (Top Connection Protocol) through your home router (the router located where the Slingbox is).  Basically, the router is not allowing the highest streaming format to go out through the internet from your Slingbox.  That can result in a variety of connection-related symptoms ranging from buffering, to occasional disconnection (sound familiar?), to not being able to connect at all.


          To get your Slingbox streaming in TCP, what you need to do is set up port forwarding in your home router for port 5201.  I find this article most helpful when trying to set up port forwarding for myself:



          This should get you up and running with the Chromecast, again barring any potential issues with the Chromecast itself.


          Hope this helps!



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              Same issue, when casting to Chromecast, Gen1 or Gen2, both have problem. (with Slingbox 500)
              I ran some test and found the following.

              1. The disconnect issue happens on both iOS and Android version of the Player

              2. If I mirror the tab from my laptop, no issue.

              3. Port Forwarding to TCP 5201 already on to the Slingbox (please, Slingbox support, DO NOT tell me to forward port anymore)

              4. It is not about WiFi signal issue as the router is less than 2 feet from the Chromecast

              5. Also bought a LAN adapter from Google and connect to the Chromecast (so NOW the Chromecast is connected to the internet using WIRED connection), same issue, so again, Slingbox support, is is NOT about the how strong my WiFi signal is.

              6. Drum roll, here is the most important finding... the drop out DOES NOT occur if the source is from Component! I can cast for HOURS if the source is Component on the Slingbox. Disconnection problem ONLY occurs when the source is HDMI.

              7. Yep, Slingbox tech support, I already tried, before you asked, I lowered the "quality" to Audio only before I start "Casting" and disconnection still occurs...

              So obviously, there is something wrong with BOTH of your iOS and Android app when casting to Chromecast when the source is HDMI ON THE SLINGBOX.

              Hopefully they are reading this thread.