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    Why does my Iphone require login every time?

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      When I open the slingbox app on my iphone 5 i need to log in with my email and password. It does't remember from previous login.  It started happening with last update. 

      On my ipad it works fine.

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          Same here, this has been going on for a month now. My app has been deleted and reinstalled. Found thousands of people having the same problem and sling support like always "did you try reinstalling" is the first response in about a dozen threads on this forum alone in the last 5 months. Truth is sling hates apple and is being difficult because they don't like apple. They cringe when they here you have any iDevice. Had an issue with AirPlay over slingplayer once and they told me "we don't support the AirPlay" I loved how they threw in a"the", got a good laugh.


          From what I've seen I'm going to have to jailbreak my iPhone so I can access the file system and delete slingplayer entirely as it leaves logs on ur phone even after u delete the app. Or plan b, someone from sling could help for a change.