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    Sling player iPhone app not working

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      I just purchased a 500 and hooked it up. It's an upgrade from the pro HD, so I already had the Slingplayer app on my iPhone. When I tried to use the app, it give me an error message "Slingplayer cannot connect to your Slingbox. Please make sure your [iPhone/iPad/phone] and Slingbox are connected to the internet and try again. Then visit setup.slingbox.com on a Mac or PC connected to your home network. Select "Set Up Internet Viewing", and follow the instructions to configure your router. Unplugging your Slingbox for 10 seconds and plugging it back in may also solve this problem. (7)"


      When I first went to setup.slingbox.com on my Mac, it had me download a new plug in then it showed the video just fine on the Mac. But it never gives me any "Set up internet viewing" option on any of the screens. Can anyone help? Video is playing just fine on Safari but there are no further setup options to get to Set Up Internet Viewing.