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    Slingplayer ads


      This is absolutely ridiculous. My computer is old and barley had enough power to stream live video. Now i cant even get my computer to connect to my slingbox but it seems to have no problem posting a giant ad right in my face. You (greedy slingbox people) need to do something about this. i dont care if you want to advertise and make more money that way. The problem is i cant even use my slingbox now. This is not fair and quite frankly i expected better considering i paid top dollar for your product vs some of the other cheaper options.

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          I totally agree, quite frankly Sling Media is really skirting false advertising.  I don't recall when buying my sling box that the specifications also included advertising.


          Sling Media, if you are reading this.... please remove the advertising from the sling player.  As an M1 owner, I am forced to use this player and I certainly did not agree to spend $200+ to receive advertising.


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          Get your act together!!!


          One upset customer.

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              After sitting through a 3-plus minute advert I had to endure buecause my slingbox disconnected itself (AGAIN)...when the ad was over and the reconnect 'should' have taken place...it didnt reconnect. So rather than sit through yet another 3-4 minute ad of sh*t I am not even sightly interested in, I migrated to another programto play the slingbox. The name of this program is SlingFront, it is Open source and free to anyone. There are certain control limitations but they are working on making it better every day. I recommend you use this for a back-up when you get fed up like I just did with SlingMedia's bullshit advertising. But these Tards wont listen to their customers. We dont like it.

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              I agree, the slingbox is now slow and sluggish but I get SPAMMED with ads when I am watching my supposedly full screen slingbox.  Really an embarassment---I will no longer recommend Slingbox to my friends.


              AD Choices with no Choices to NOT view the ADs.

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                Seems you would have to pay them to read these comments.

                • You can call us at 1-800-313-4274 for help, but there is a cost of $29.99 for the incident. Note that phone support is available from 7am to 7pm PST every day.

                I was just looking for a place to email them to complain about the ads.  Then saw this - really?  Nice customer support.  Obviously they are looking to make every nickel and dime as they watch sales of their hardware fall as the negative reviews pile up.

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                  Yes I totally agree, it is like I am PAYING for the streaming now...I PAY WITH MY TIME, and my FRUSTRATION from a slow constantly disconnecting system.   They screwed the pooch on this one.

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                    I could not agree more regarding the ad issue. Touch the mouse to advance a Directv recording and an ad appears. Unbelievable annoying! I would encourage anyone on Facebook to start the ball rolling! Today's Slingbox is not an enjoyable viewing experience!

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                      Agree - And all ads are country secific. Right now I am in France, and get some stupid French ads.

                      I did not buy a SB in order to get ads - when streaming my add-free signals from home based devices.

                      This could be the end of SB - I  will no longer recommend Slingbox to anyone - and I will probably stop using the 2 boxes I have purchased.

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                        Well, they will get their arses kicked now with the class action lawsuit.... maybe time to replace CEO and other incompetent managers...

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                          SlingBox / SlingMedia...How dare you! You have cluttered my Sling Player with ads and now are forcing me to watch full commercials before I can access the SlingBox I paid for. I was an early adopter and one of your first customers. I have upgraded to new hardware several times. I have recommended you to countless friends and family. NO MORE!!!!


                          You have lost my faith and trust in you. I should not be forced to sit through an intrusive commercial to access a device I paid hundreds of dollars for, to access a TV service I pay for. When I purchased my SlingBoxes, I did NOT agree to your greedy advertising money grab. Your new intrusive advertising has lost me as a customer.


                          I will be ripping out all my Sling devices and replacing with something that does not force UNWANTED ads.

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                              I was thinking about buying a new Slingbox so that I can stream 1080p, but all this stuff about ads is giving me second thoughts.  I downloaded the desktop app and tried it with my old Slingbox HD pro.  It wouldn't connect but the app was full of ads.  Yuck!


                              I also saw on a google search that someone made a post here about how to block the ads by adding entries to the HOSTS file to block out the ad servers, but apparently they have made that post inaccessible so that people can't get the list of ad servers.  As I'm an I/T person I'm sure I could block the ads if I was willing to spend the time to trace the app's connections, like that other person did, but I'm asking myself why I should have to.  

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