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    Ads in the Desktop Player may turn me away from Slingbox

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      I was interested in buying a Slingbox to watch TV while I was away from home. I began to look through the reviews on Amazon and saw that the Slingbox desktop application now has ads in it, and it was not told to users in the update description. I called Slingbox about my concern about ads in the desktop application and they told me it was the marketing teams idea and that they would most likely not be removed in the near future. My Slingbox tech support representative told me he completely understands my concern and told me to write here so it can be seen by Sling Media. The introduction of ads is making me think twice about purchasing a Slingbox because: 1. When watching TV on the Slingbox app there are already ads on the show you are watching, so the ads in the app are very redundant and annoying to the users. 2. From what I have read on Amazon some ads are animated ads, which would be very distracting to see while watching TV on the app. 3. It shows that Sling Media is not outright to their users and is shady by not telling users that the update to the desktop app contains the addition of ads. 4. The introduction of ads seems like Sling Media is try to make an additional quick buck on their users (both new and existing) considering that you have to pay $15 for a mobile app per operating system (which is needed to stream to TV media players) and $149 for the Slingbox M1, which is already a lot of money. I hope that Sling Media's marketing team ends the obnoxious ads in their desktop application and finds another way to support themselves. In the meantime, I will be looking for alternate options to Slingbox.