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    Why are all cast to TV remotes failing to function properly?

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      I have Ruku stick, Ruku 3, Cromcast, Amazon Fire Stick, and Amazon Fire TV devices all of which have remote control functions that do not work properly.  My iPhone 6S works fine as does my Apple laptop when viewing the Slingbox DVR; however, as soon as I cast the application to my TV or view it via the Amazon Fire Stick or TV device there are delays of 5 to 6 seconds from when I enter a command, such as fast forward or play.  There are no such delays on my laptop or iPhone.  I have 50MPs internet service at both my Slingbox location and my remote location and have verified the speed as more than fast enough for the Slingbox application.  The Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV execute remote control commands multiple times per entry.  The iPhone 6S disconnects from the Slingbox application after about 5 to 10 minutes unless I exit the application on the phone which makes navigation less then optimum.  The Ruku devices also have remote control delays and drop connection unless the casting device exits the Slingbox application.  The PC will only cast the audio portion of the TV program or DVRed recording so it is not a usable function.  My wife has an Android phone which works even worse than my iPhone when casting shows to the TV.


      In addition to the issues with the remote functionality, the Slingbox application has stopped functioning twice in the last two weeks for reasons no one can diagnose.  Since I have been out of town since January 2nd it is odd that all of a sudden the application has failed twice and it needed to be rebooted at its source. 


      Although the Tech Support can connect to my Slingbox to verify it is there, they cannot do anything to reboot the system remotely.


      All in all it has been a very frustrating and expensive experience.


      I do not expect I am alone in having these issues, all of which, in my opinion, can be corrected by proper thoughtful application programming and testing.