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    TV to second TV?

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      I have a choice between buying a Slingbox 350 or a much less expensive Slingbox AV.


      Here I am only concerned with using a slingbox to simultaneously watch the same program on one set top cable box and two tv's--one attached to the cable box (and wifi router) and the other upstairs.  Does it make a difference whether I use the 350 or the AV.  For the upstairs TV (which by the way is a smart tv with wifi) I would rather not access the cable box program via a web connection as with an iPhone: where changing the channel and pushing buttons on the virtual remote is slow and clunky.  I want to be able to quickly and easily operate the cable box from upstairs. I don't think the smart tv has a sling box app,  but I do have a downstairs ROKU. I also have an older Boxee with an apple play capability.


      So I would rather leave the roku attached to the downstairs tv. But if both the 350 and the AV permit access to the downstairs tv via slingbox app, won't that make cable box operation just as clunky as web access with an iPhone?  If so, it seems to me that as far as the second tv issue is concerned, it shouldn't matter which model I use.


      Thanks for being patient with a complicated question.