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    Sling, Are you trying to go out of business?


      If you are trying to go out of business, then you have chosen a fast way to do it, ignore your customers, force them to view ads they don't want and do not answer any of thier questions.


      You provide a product, not a service, we pay for the service from our cable/satalite,internet providersyou have no right to change the software on our products that we have already purchased that forces us to view ads that take up nearly 1/3 of our viewing area, you updated our devices without our consent or our knowledge.


      Just because you can increase your revenue by charging someone to put ads on every sling product you have ever produced does not make it right or moral in any way shape or form.  Does anyone in your company know what ethical and moral behavior and honesty mean.  Shame on you alI.


      I would like to see a response to this post, or any post like it, just answer our questions about the ads honestly, and give us an option of some kind to get rid of them if we choose to do so,  please.