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    m1 remote DTV 4700 help please


      Hello all,

      I have a problem: I can't found a remote in Slingbox M1 to manage my decoder HUMAX DTV 4700.


      I tried all different setups available for HUMAX but no one works.

      I looked for a dedicated customised files in JP1 but I don't found a solution.


      Someone can help me please?


      The original remote (R-105) is common for this different HUMAX models:

      • DigiFox
      • TivúBox
      • DTT-3500
      • DTT-3600
      • DTT-3700
      • DTT-2100 Nano
      • DTV-4700

      but I don't found the LIRC.


      I seen a similar discussion but I'm not able to add message (problem of certification)