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    Slingbox is working via Ipad, but not with login via computer

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      I'm using  the slingplayer with the ipad app and that is working very well, but when i want to watch slingplayer via my browser / computer, i cannot get connectioon. Can somebody help me what to do?


      gr. Patrick

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          I'm having the same problem.  The desktop app works, ipad app works, but newwatch.slingbox.com won't initialize via Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

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            I've been having a similar problem.  The quality of the video and audio on my iPad is acceptable and generally comes through in High Def.  However, when I try to watch TV on either of my Mac's, I get very choppy reception with it downshifting to such a low resolution that it is almost unwatchable.  My computer viewing worked fine until a few months ago when Sling introduced their subscription service and perhaps they have inadequate capacity on their servers to handle their existing SlingBox customers and the paid subscription services just introduced.  The other potential problem may be that my downstream link, which is being provided by a wholly owned DSL subsidiary of BT in the UK may have figured out the IP address being used by Sling and is throttling the signal from this.  Does anyone have any idea how to change the IP address that the Sling browser-based software connects to?  Any other help would be appreciated since it is very annoying that I can no longer watch TV on my big screen TV to which I have attached a Mac Mini.  The iPad is nice but it is too small a screen for more than one person to watch.  Something has made my expensive SlingBox basically unusable.  For that matter, does anyone know of a competitor offering the same service?  It might be time to abandon Sling for an alternative provider if one exists.  Frustrating to say the least.