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    Password Problems

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      My display contains a black rectangle (ghost of advertisement) when I connect via Google Chrome.  So, I decided to use IE instead.  When I logged on using IE I was prompted for password, which I provided and logged on.  Then I had to download Slingbox for Web app.  Done.  Then I had to log on again.  Slingbox will not recognize my password.  So, back to Chrome, but I cannot find my login credentials anywhere.  Where are they hidden?  I assume that if I can find them I can then use them on IE.  I cannot understand how Slingbox can recognize me on one browser and not on another.  I had a similar problem in February and wound up changing my password, after three days of communicating with the wrong Slingbox company.


      And don't tell me to reset the Slingbox.  It is 2,000 miles away, hidden under a stairwell, and nobody there knows how to reprogram it.