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    I can't add a Slingbox 350 to my existing account with a Slingbox 500

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      I have an old Slingbox 500 that I've been using successfully wirelessly, and bought a Slingbox 350 for a different wired connection (also on a different cable box).  None of that really matters, but Slingbox.com refuses to let me add another devices to my account and relentlessly keeps trying to connect to my Slingbox 500 instead, even when I press their big blue button that says "Set up Slingbox 350".


      I got so sick of this I unplugged the Slingbox 500 hoping it would force something into submission, but all it does is complain that it can't connect to my old Slingbox, and I'M NOT TRYING TO!!!!  I'm trying at every turn to set up a new Slingbox and following every link I can find to try to get to that but it will NOT do anything remotely close to adding a new device, but just keeps try ing to connect to the old one.


      I considered deleting the Slingbox 500 frommy account, but I do want them both on there and have no reason to trust it will let me add that back on, IF it even would then allow me to add the 350.