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    Slingbox 500 in Japan. (Stopped Working)


      For some reason my sling box in Japan stopped working.  I had it working previously but one day a couple months ago the signal quit and I couldn't connect to the sling box.  I flew to japan to correct the problem and reset the sling box however now I have run into an issue where I cannot get any video to display through the sling box.


      Here is my setup:


      Wall COAX cable goes INTO the Funai VD-F1000 VCR / DVD Player Input

      2nd COAX cable runs FROM Funai VD-F1000 VCR / DVD Player Output into COAX input on the Panasonic TH-32LX70 Television.

      Composite Cables (Red White Yellow) run from VCR / DVD Player video output INTO the sling box composite cable INPUT

      Composite Cables (Red White Yellow) run from Slingbox output to the same Panasonic Television Video 1 Input

      HDMI runs from Slingbox to Panasonic TH-32LX70 Television HDMI 1 In


      There are a couple of unknowns that might be the problem or they might be completely irrelevant. 


      During the sling box setup it asks me for a postal code as well as television provider etc.  Obviously I cannot enter a japanese postal code (Ive tried and the sling box didn't like it)

      Also during the setup I was unable to find the correct Funai VCR / DVD Player in the list.  (This should not be a problem however as this was the same VCR I was using when sling box was previously working however I don't know which VCR I selected on initial setup to get this all working in the first place...)


      Japanese TV (without a cable subscription) is digital however it is supplied without a cable box and just runs through the wall as COAX so I do not have the option of using a cable box.  Im pretty limited with what I can do.  As this was all working before Im not sure what happened nor how I can get it working again.


      Im here for the next 3 days.  Hoping I can get this sorted before I leave again.


      Looking forward to your responses!  Thanks in advance!

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          on PC I was able to tell the sling box that it is in Japan as far as location so that wasn't the problem.  Just can't figure out how to get the tv to display through the VCR.  As the COAX is going into and out of the VCR a from the wall and back into the TV with the VCR in the middle I can confirm that the signal works as when the TV input is set to TV I can watch TV fine.  When I switch to VCR input on the TV I just see VCR Blue screen.  It would display a movie if I put in a VHS and it would display a DVD or DVD screen if I switch the VCR / DVD player to DVD mode.


          Any ideas?

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              stanley.sling Apprentice

              Hello Dave,


              The most probable cause of this issue is most likely the fact that all Slingboxes are regionalized. Basically what this mean for you, is that, to hook up a Slingbox in Japan, you would have wanted to purchase that unit from within Japan or on the Japanese Sling website (www.slingbox.jp). Though at this time, Slingbox 500s are not currently available, or supported for use in Japan. After checking out the Japanese Slingbox page, it looks as though the Slingbox M1 is about to be released in Japan on April 10, 2015.




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              bump.  Only 2 days left before I leave japan and Id really like to figure this out or I bought a slingbox for no reason

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                tcaradonna Novice

                I think I'm one of the few peeps here with experience with slingbox in japan.


                Postal code is only needed for the programming schedule.  You can set it to whatever you want.   (I use my US address).  This is not your problem.


                I think the problem is with your Funai.  Your TV has an ATSC tuner which I think is a digital tuner which is probably being used since your imput goes into coax.  I can't find any info on your Funai, but it sounds old and I doubt it has a digital tuner on it.  There is no digital tuner on Slingbox.


                Here is your test:

                Plug the composite (yellow) that you have going to your slingbox into your TV.  If you see signal, then the problem is Slingbox.  If you don't, then you need a new tuner ($$$).  I have a Toshiba Regza D-TR1 which is the bomb, but not sold anymore (japanese law changed about manufacturing).  You can get a new tuner and then an HDMI to component converter ($40 in the US, same one they package in japan with 350) and plug that into your 500.  But doubtful you'll get that in time before your leave japan.  I would just get an el-cheapo tuner($50-100) and use the composite as you are now.