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    Boxee Box app doesn't work anymore

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      My Slingbox SOLO and Boxee Box used to work fine, but now Boxee Box cannot connect to Slingbox anymore.

      When trying to connect, comes an error code 10003, Unable to connect to Slingbox.


      At the same time I can connect to Slingbox with my Android tablet just fine, so Slingbox is connected and working.


      Everything else works in Boxee Box: all the other apps works fine, I only have problem with Slingplayer app.


      Using latest update of Slingplayer and Boxee Box.


      Any ideas what to do?


      Since D-Link has stopped updating Boxee Box, maybe I need to use older version of Slingplayer (although I don't recall updating it since tbe last time Slingplayer app worked in Boxee Box), but I don't know how to do it... help anyone?